Hello, World

Welcome, one and all, to my brand-new blog!

I know, I know, I’m a little late to the game… My entry into the world of self-publishing is clearly long overdue. I hope to make up for my tardiness by providing plenty of content worth reading.

For those of you who don’t know me: My name is Benjy Weinberger, and I’m currently the engineering site lead for foursquare's San Francisco office. Before that I worked on Infrastructure and Revenue engineering at Twitter, and before that spent eight years at Google working on Ads and Search engineering. I've had the tremendous good fortune to have worked at some of the best tech companies out there, with some of the best people in this, or any other, industry, engineers and non-engineers alike.

In recent years, as I became more familiar with the startup/entrepreneurial sides of the tech industry, I noticed a curious fact: At various gatherings I was often the only person in the room who writes code for a living. Which led me to this realization: I had spent years in the industry without knowing much about what VCs, entrepreneurs and tech journalists do. Therefore it’s quite possible that those folks have spent years in the industry without knowing much about what I and my fellow engineers do!

Our industry is full of smart, talented and ambitious people, engineers and non-engineers, who share a passion for technology and its transformative power. But, while the entrepreneurial world is public and increasingly glamorous, the engineering side of things is all too often opaque, even to tech industry veterans.

I hope to use this blog to bridge the familiarity gap between engineers and non-engineers, and in particular to make the world of computer science and software engineering more accessible to non-engineers, in a manner that is engaging and inclusive.

My blog posts will comment on technology trends, elucidate technical issues that pop up in the news cycle, and generally shine a light onto the “tech” part of the tech industry. I welcome questions and suggestions for topics, especially from non-engineers who want to know more about some technical issue.

To any engineers reading this: I will occasionally, in the interest of clarity, be imprecise. Please understand that the goal is not to prove a theorem but to illuminate a principle.

From time to time I may also post links to favorite songs, or engage in the odd political rant. This is a blog, after all… One way or another, I hope you enjoy it!