Intelligent Geometry

Religious dogma sometimes leads to absurd anti-scientific stances: intelligent design, young earth creationism, faith healing, and ridiculous conclusions about reproductive health.

If you want to revert to the 19th century, you can leave it at that. But a religious political party in Israel are now aiming much further back: United Torah Judaism, a fundamentalist ultra-orthodox party, are running this ad in the campaign for next week’s knesset (parliament) election:


For those who don’t read Hebrew, here’s a translation:


No, it’s not the name of a medicine, it’s a Greek mathematician your son will be forced to study, instead of the mishna.

What’s really important when we send them to the cheder? Values, good conduct, fear of god, studying the torah day and night, from the earliest age. A government without Judaism will force your son to learn non-religious studies. You must protect the next generation. We all must. We are all haredim

I know a lot of kids who’d be happy to take up religion if it would get them out of math class. But rolling the science clock back to 300 BC? That’s a bold move.

And did you notice how the ad only refers to ‘sons’? Either they’re not concerned about girls poisoning their minds with such dangerous ideas as the parallel postulate and the pythagorean theorem, or they consider it a given that girls shouldn’t be properly educated…