Intelligent Geometry

Religious dogma sometimes leads to absurd anti-scientific stances: intelligent design, young earth creationism, faith healing, and ridiculous conclusions about reproductive health.

If you want to revert to the 19th century, you can leave it at that. But a religious political party in Israel are now aiming much further back: United Torah Judaism, a fundamentalist ultra-orthodox party, are running this ad in the campaign for next week’s knesset (parliament) election:


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Growth, Jobs and Silicon Valley

A non-technical, political post today (I did warn readers there would be some).

The overriding theme of the upcoming presidential election is jobs, with the candidates sparring aggressively over who can create more of them. Unemployment is still high across the country, and finding work, especially if you’re a new college grad, is a daunting challenge. 

And yet here in Silicon Valley companies can’t hire fast enough. If you’re a new CS grad you’ll have no trouble at all getting several job offers to choose from. Your starting salary, on day one of your career, might be higher than the current salary of either of your parents. And if you’re an experienced engineer, designer or product manager then the sky is pretty much the limit. 

This raises tempting questions: Can the presidential candidates learn from Silicon Valley’s success? Does the tech industry point the way towards a nationwide economic renaissance of job growth?  Is what’s good for startups good for America? And if so, do the political endorsements of tech luminaries carry extra weight?

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